Infranor Mavilor

Mavilor Motors S.A.

Since it's establishment in 1973, Mavilor Motors S.A. has been associated with creativity, innovation and tenacity.

Only in this way has it been possible to offer our customers the most complete range of servo-motors during all of these years. The Infranor Mavilor servo-motor range extends from flat geometry to extended geometry and brushed technology to brushless technology, executed with AC or DC technology. Each one of these offers distinctive elements, which gives them their unique and exclusive characteristics. Moreover we associate this with a culture based on flexibility in all aspects, listening to the customer and the highest level of professionalism.

Offering intelligent solutions which allow Infranor Mavilor to respond appropriately to everything that we have been entrusted with, and to satisfy our customers in their need to optimise their industrial automation applications in all types of machines and installations. The fact that thousands of clients every day use our servo-motors confirms their confidence in us.

Our core competences

It is vitally important to have key products in response to market needs. Working from their insight into market requirements and customer needs, our technical sales and engineering companies determine market requirements and trends. On that basis, we develop and build modular core servo-motor products to meet this very need.

Our broad experience and comprehensive technological expertise in this area is the basis for our highly innovative product development.


Infranor Mavilor´s policy is aimed at total customer satisfaction, continual improvement, respect to people, society and the environment. In this sense, we have implemented and certified our management system observing these rules and requisites. 

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001:2004

Our motors, generators and brakes are designed and manufactured following standards that guarantee the observance of these requisites to our customers and the compatibility with most worldwide legal requisites.

We have products certified as: UL, CSA - C - US, ATEX, CE, IP-65, IP-67.


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