Infranor SAS

Infranor SAS was founded in 1973 under the company name of INFRANOR S.A. Lourdes (France), as a subsidiary of Infranor S.A in Geneva (Switzerland).

Early activities were devoted to the production of the printed circuit routing machine 'Perfranor' and, later, to tape readers with integrated memory. In 1979 Infranor Lourdes developed its first analog drive range for the control of brushed DC motors.

In 1986 Infranor Lourdes developed and marketed the first series of analog drives for the control of brushless synchronous AC motors. It launched in 1993 the innovative technology of digital servo drives for the motion control and automation markets.

Since that time it has been continuously aiming at the highest level of technology, with its latest product designs, development and manufacturing in the field of industrial motion servo control.

Infranor SAS' present product range is UL listed.

Infranor Lourdes has been certified to the ISO International Quality Standards 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 since December 2016.

Infranor Lourdes is on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Infranor